Particle Flow

Krakatoa driven by Fume sim

Krakatoa with Fume sim, and back into Particle Flow from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

A test using a fume simulation to drive particle flow motion, rendered in Krakatoa.

The initial motion is driven by the fume sim, later on all of the motion is moved over to particle flow for the disintegration effect.

Krakatoa Ghost Dissolve

Krakatoa ghost arm dissolve from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

Originally done as some R & D on a ghost show for the BBC. One of the characters was going to dissolve and reappear using this type of effect.  The show didn’t get to pilot though, and this was as far as I took the testing.

Rendered with the excellent Krakatoa point renderer.  I did this a while ago, but I think there’s about 1 million particle flow particles, each one receives and casts shadows.

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