Laser impact tests

These are a couple of test renders for a show I completed recently called V-Sign. The scene required a spaceship to chase a car, while firing lasers at it.

Close-up of the laser impact sims. Simple setup of rayfire simulated exploding debris, with a fume explosion driven by particle velocity. A separate particle system also emits fume smoke to add some debris dust trails. Smaller debris pieces are also a particle flow system.

This is a blocked in test to show the effect of multiple impacts seen from a distance.

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LVJ Moth Ship Missile Strike Final Comp

Finally finished this shot! Took a couple of months to complete working between work on Dr Who, and Psychoville Series2.

These are the rendered passes involved in the comp.

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Rayfire Object Glue and Level 1 Demolition Test

Rayfire is a great tool, so simple to use and very fast. I managed to get this sim working after only a few hours of use.

The ball is initially fractured before the sim, but the pieces glued together in rayfire. A RF Bomb is then exploded (these can be spherical, or directional). The glue is set strong enough to survive the bomb, but then breaks apart at the point it hits the wall. Those pieces are then further fractured, and added to the sim.

The great this about this is you can preview all of this going on almost at real-time, so its pretty obvious when things are not looking right. This is obviously something Thinking Particles handle, but would take a lot longer to set up.

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