Fume FX Fire and Smoke

Honda Robots – Made Mean

I was the senior FX TD on this project and was responsible for the flamethrower fx, robot cable sims, paint spray, logo branding and any heat haze effects.

Honda_Lighting_Master30s_v60_H264_FullRes from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

In addition to the main 30 second commercial, we also delivered 3 10 second commercials. I was involved in this one where I simmed all of the tyre smoke:

Honda Socials 'Nutjob' from Dave Walker on Vimeo.

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Clash of Kings

This was a very interesting commercial to work on. I was asked to provide all of the FX shots, and also to supervise the shoot in Hungary. We shot 1 day at Korda Studios and then 3 days in central Budapest. I also used photogrammetry on set for the first time, and found it an invaluable tool. Its always a good idea to capture as much data from the location as possible, and having scans of the location just made things much easier in the post work.

I used FumeFX for all the smoke and fire effects, and Thinking Particle for the dynamics simulations.

We filmed a lot of the footage in slow motion and I needed to match the speed with the FX. The final shot also contains a few speed ramps, so the only way we could match these was to simulate the FX on the whole slow motion plate, and then apply the ramps in post. This meant that the final shot is simulated over 200 frames to produce the correct look.

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Winter 2016 FX Reel

Here’s my latest FX Reel:

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Nazi Mega Weapons: Super Tanks FX

A selection of shots from Nazi Mega Weapons: Super Tanks.

Didn’t have much time to get these explosions delivered. Just one day of setup, and then 1/2 a day per explosion for more setup, sim and render.

The fume sim is driven by a particle flow system. I wanted to have a strong petrol based explosion type, with an initial large blast, followed by multiple secondary explosions as other sources of fuel are effected by the heat of the first explosion.

To achieve this I used multiple fume particle sources with different settings, and could adjust the amount of fuel and heat I was adding to the explosion with each blast.

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Word of Tanks: Endless War Cinematic

I recently finished working with the fantastic RealtimeUK on the World of Tanks: Endless War Cinematic.

I worked on a few shots, but mainly I worked on the Chi-Ha tank crashing though the bamboo. The bamboo was rigged and animated by hand, while the leaves were particle flow system, driven by a fume grid. The grass was Hair Farm. Here’s a video of that shot with a brighter grade.

An early test of the leaf dynamics:

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Vic and Bob’s Lucky Sexy Winners

I got to work with the awesome Vic and Bob last year, and here’s one of the sketches I made for their show ‘Lucky Sexy Winners’.

In this sketch I produced all the fire and smoke effects, and comped the final shots. In other scenes I exploded both Vic and Bobs heads, made Vic fly with a skipping rope, and removed their lower legs for the Tiny Men sketch.

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Large Scale Petrol Based Explosion

A fume test for a large scale explosion.

I’ve gone for a messy out of control explosion, with lots of secondary explosions after the main starter.

This is achieved with a combination of object and particle sources. As the shape for the object source expands, it dumps out a load of fuel and temp, with a fair amount of object velocity. At the same time a particle source is fired, and also sprays out some fuel and temp (but less than the source). The particle source also emits a fair amount of velocity.

Although the particle source is also burning, some unburnt fuel is left behind above the main fireball. This then catches fire and the fireball expands and rises up. Any unburnt fuel is also caught by the secondary explosions.

LVJ Ship Crash Dust / Smoke Trail Dev

Quick test to run through some ideas on creating better fluids behavior from smoke or dust trails. The idea is to create some eddies behind an object as it passes through the air.

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Dirt Blast Test

I wanted to run off a couple of tests using particle sources for the Fume emission. This test has 2 particle systems, one for the main initial body of the blast, and then a 2nd faster system that is triggered a frame later. This creates the tendrils of dust that shoot out right at the beginning. These are currently a bit wider than I’d like, so I’ll have to see if I can reduce the width, but also keep the density and maintain the overall shape.

FumeFx Dirt Blast v01 from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

Main Body Particle system

Tendril Particle System

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Wind Blown Flames

Recent test for making fast wind blown flames. I’ve used 2 wind force objects to apply the wind to the flames, and also use a lot of fume’s own turbulence noise to add some chaotic movement to the fire. Max’s turbulence and noise options are pretty limited though, especially when compared to Houdini – it really needs an update on those, but I doubt thats high on Autodesk’s list.

This version has also been passed through the wavelet turbulence to up the res of the fire. I would have run it for longer but ran out of ram at 16gb (running on 1/2 ram right now as a stick failed on me). I’ve got some replacement ram to install, so I’ll have another crack at the wavelet to see if I can get a longer version. Current wavelet sim time is 10 hours, with about 1 hour render time.

720p version is available if you click through to Vimeo.

FumeFx – wind blow fire from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

closeup of the same sim:

Untitled from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

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