LVJ Ship Crash Tests 1- 5

Proof of concept for a space ship crash shot on LVJ. Various low res tests to see how the shot’s going to work, and what sort of camera angles are going to look good. Sim times rise quickly as I try to produce finer debris, so there may be a limit to how near the camera can be to the crash.

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TP Destruction Test

Here’s a simple TP test using volume breaker, and particle based cells for fragmentation density.

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Krakatoa Test

Krakatoa Test from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

Simple Krakatoa Test, no fume used in this one. All of the particle motion is from 3 wind spacewarps.

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Dirt Blast Test

I wanted to run off a couple of tests using particle sources for the Fume emission. This test has 2 particle systems, one for the main initial body of the blast, and then a 2nd faster system that is triggered a frame later. This creates the tendrils of dust that shoot out right at the beginning. These are currently a bit wider than I’d like, so I’ll have to see if I can reduce the width, but also keep the density and maintain the overall shape.

FumeFx Dirt Blast v01 from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

Main Body Particle system

Tendril Particle System

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Laser impact tests

These are a couple of test renders for a show I completed recently called V-Sign. The scene required a spaceship to chase a car, while firing lasers at it.

Close-up of the laser impact sims. Simple setup of rayfire simulated exploding debris, with a fume explosion driven by particle velocity. A separate particle system also emits fume smoke to add some debris dust trails. Smaller debris pieces are also a particle flow system.

This is a blocked in test to show the effect of multiple impacts seen from a distance.

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LVJ Moth Ship Missile Strike Final Comp

Finally finished this shot! Took a couple of months to complete working between work on Dr Who, and Psychoville Series2.

These are the rendered passes involved in the comp.

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Realflow Water Test 01

Realflow Water Test 01 from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

Not added anything new for a while, but have an upcoming project requiring some water effects, so here’s my first Realflow water test.  Simming this in realflow didn’t take that long, so will increase the number of particles next time to get a better result. The render times on this are pretty heavy though at 12 mins a frame , so will have to come up with a better material for the water or face long render times in production.

Krakatoa driven by Fume sim

Krakatoa with Fume sim, and back into Particle Flow from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

A test using a fume simulation to drive particle flow motion, rendered in Krakatoa.

The initial motion is driven by the fume sim, later on all of the motion is moved over to particle flow for the disintegration effect.

Krakatoa Ghost Dissolve

Krakatoa ghost arm dissolve from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

Originally done as some R & D on a ghost show for the BBC. One of the characters was going to dissolve and reappear using this type of effect.  The show didn’t get to pilot though, and this was as far as I took the testing.

Rendered with the excellent Krakatoa point renderer.  I did this a while ago, but I think there’s about 1 million particle flow particles, each one receives and casts shadows.

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