Recent test for making fast wind blown flames. I’ve used 2 wind force objects to apply the wind to the flames, and also use a lot of fume’s own turbulence noise to add some chaotic movement to the fire. Max’s turbulence and noise options are pretty limited though, especially when compared to Houdini – it really needs an update on those, but I doubt thats high on Autodesk’s list.

This version has also been passed through the wavelet turbulence to up the res of the fire. I would have run it for longer but ran out of ram at 16gb (running on 1/2 ram right now as a stick failed on me). I’ve got some replacement ram to install, so I’ll have another crack at the wavelet to see if I can get a longer version. Current wavelet sim time is 10 hours, with about 1 hour render time.

720p version is available if you click through to Vimeo.

FumeFx – wind blow fire from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

closeup of the same sim:

Untitled from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.