Hugh Johnson BSc.


RTS Winner for Digital Effects for The Wrong Door (2008 / 2009).
BAFTA Nomination (2009) for the Visual Effects on The Wrong Door.
RTS Winner for Digital Effects for Dr Who (2009 / 2010).

Key Skills

Award winning VFX Supervisor
Team management, Budget management.
3D Modelling, Texturing, Lighting.
Fluid Dynamics Simulation, Particle Systems and Particle Dynamics, Cloth Simulation.
Variety of TV and film work. Major shows include: The Wrong Door, Dr Who, Psychoville, Hounded,
That Mitchell and Webb Look, Wild Things 4.

Skill Profile

Main Software: 3DS Max 2011, FumeFX 2.1, After Effects CS4, PFTrack 4.1, Photoshop CS4
Additional Software: Maya 2011, Thinking Particles 4, RealFlow 5.5, Afterburn 4, Zbrush 3, Synth Eyes

Work Experience

VFX SUPERVISOR / GENERALIST     Show: Psychoville Series 2 / BBC2
July 2010 – Dec 2010

On set VFX supervision, followed by team management for 2 months of post production.

I started at the pre production stage discussing several key scenes with the director to help facilitate the vfx elements of the filming. I was then on set for the vfx supervision of those shots. During this time I also delivered my own shots which involved a mixture of 3D and 2D work. I produced a wide variety of shots, from complex composition fixes, to physics based destruction with fluids simulation, and water simulation interacting with actors performances.

Software used: PFTrack 4.1, RealFlow 5.5, 3DS Max 2011, RayFire 1.5, FumeFX 2.1,
and After Effects CS4.

June 2010 – Present Day

Compositing work. The shots involved clean ups, wire removal, and compositing filmed elements.

Software used: After Effects CS4.

EFFECTS TD / COMPOSITOR      Film: Wild Things 4 / Sony Pictures
Dec 2009

I advised the director how to film one specific shot involving a boat explosion. I simulated the fluid dynamics for the smoke and fire of the explosion, and composition of the shot.

Software used 3ds Max 2008, FumeFX 1.1, After Effects CS4.

June 2009 – March 2010

I was involved in every stage of production starting at the consultant stage discussing scripts with the director. I provided on set VFX supervision for 6 week shoot. I set up the VFX team, hiring new members and hardware / software procurement. I managed the vfx team for the 6 month post production schedule, while also contributing, and delivering my own shots.

Software used: 3ds Max 2008, FumeFX 1.1, After Effects CS4 with GenArts Sapphire 2.

I was responsible for a total shot count of 1,690 delivered on time and on budget

VFX SUPERVISOR / GENERALIST      Show: That Mitchell and Webb Look / BBC 2
October 2008 / February 2009

From an initial meeting with the director concerning 2 specific scenes, I then supervised the shoot on the day, and set up a small team to deliver the completed shots, which involved character animation and, cloth simulation. A month later we were asked to work on an additional shot not previously discussed. This work took a further month to complete, and involved digital environments, digital characters and animation, particles, and fluid dynamics.

Software used: 3ds Max 2008, Maya 2008, FumeFX 1.1, After Effects CS3.

VFX TEAM LEAD / GENERALIST      Show: Taking The Flak / BBC 2
December 2008 / April 2009

I started working on the show in pre production, discussing several key scenes with the Director of Photography. I then set up a small team to deliver the shots which due to the war based nature of the show, consisted of: Explosions, Fire and Smoke, adding digital tanks to plates, and painting destroyed buildings to clean plates.

Software used: 3ds Max 2008, FumeFX 1.1, Thinking Particles 3, After Effects CS3.

VFX TEAM LEAD / GENERALIST      Guitar Hero 3 TV Promo / Viral Factory
October 2008 / November 2008

I was asked to set up a small team to produce 2 small CG sequences to run at the end of the Guitar Hero 3 Christmas TV Promo. I initially modelled all of the guitar hero 3 instruments, which were then animated to match the brief, before being rendered and comped.

Software used: 3ds Max 2008, After Effects CS3.

EFFECTS TD     Samsung Omnia Viral / Viral Factory
August 2008

I was called into the production to add smoke effects using fluid simulation. I provided rendered frames which were sent to the main team for compositing.

Software Used: 3ds Max 2008, FumeFX 1.1

VFX TEAM LEAD / GENERALIST      Show: The Site / BBC 3
June 2008 / July 2009

I met with the producer before filming to advise on certain key scenes, and then set up a small team to handle the vfx. The work was a mixture of 2D only shots and 3D work, which involved Cloth Simulation with Ncloth, and Fluid Dynamics.

Software used: Maya 2008, 3ds Max 2008, FumeFX 1.1, Combustion, After Effects CS3.

VFX SUPERVISOR / GENERALIST      Show: The Wrong Door / BBC 3
September 2007 / May 2008

I was part of the original team behind the teaser concept for The Wrong Door, and involved in pre production consultation of the scripts, as well as contributing to the writing on one sketch. I then provided on set VFX supervision (for 3 weeks) specifically related to camera tracking as well as general vfx work. I set up the vfx team, and hired new team members to add to the original teaser vfx team. I also decided on hardware and software procurement, including network and storage requirements, and managed the vfx team budget. Once in post production, I managed the team for the 6 months schedule. Alongside this I delivered my own work, camera tracked 70 shots, and ran all fluid simulations, and particle dynamics, as well as lighting and rendering.

Final shot count for the show was 850.

Software used: Maya 2008, 3ds Max 2008, PFTrack 4.1, FumeFX 1.1.

GENERALIST / CAMERA TRACKER      Show: Mother Agency Promo
December 2006

Camera Tracking, adding digital tanks, and compositing.

Software used: 3ds Max 9, Synth Eyes, Combustion.

3D MODELLER      Show: Time Trumpet / BBC 2
June 2006

Modelled the Tesco War Tripod, and flat-pack supermarket.

LEAD ILLUSTRATOR      Magazines: Stargate, CSI
July 2004 – December 2006

Illustration of key scenes from the TV Shows: Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. Discussion of key points and concepts with editor. Setting the art style for the illustrations, and production of high quality artwork to a weekly deadline.

TECHNICAL ILLUSTRATOR       Books: Osprey Publications
July 2004 – December 2006

I produced high quality technical illustrations and cutaways of various military vehicles though history. Discussed the illustrations editors and authors. The artworks were of a technical nature and a high level of accuracy of the illustrated vehicle was required. My books include: ‘Humvee 1980–2005′, ‘M3 Lee/Grant Medium Tank 1941– 45′, and ‘T-54 and T-55 Main Battle Tanks 1944–2004′

May 2001 – November 2004

I modelled the game environments for numerous levels in the Xbox, and PS2 game: SWAT: Global Strike Team. I was also responsible for the multi player maps, and refining other artists levels to maximise the frame rate performance. I also started the initial development for SWAT 2, which later became Urban Chaos (Rocksteady Games).


Coventry University. 1991 – 1995
Bsc. Hons Computer Science

Collyer’s 6th Form College. 1988 – 1990
2 A Levels: Art with Art History, and Maths & Mechanics

Forest School. 1983 – 1988
8 GCSEs: inc Physics, Maths, Chemistry, English.


Photography, and film making. Rock climbing, and Cycling