If I find any great videos and images for vfx references, I’ve decided to set up this page so I can link to them for later use.

Nasa Project Morpheus launch video. Some great reference of a small rocket jet wash from above on launch, and close up on landing.



Project Morpheus again, this time with a crash on take off. Some great ref on medium scale flames and high temperature fuel based explosions.
Interesting explosion at 6.25. Lots of sparks. After this explosion the fuel really starts to go up – great reference on daylight flames exposure.


Fantastic large scale petrol based fire reference. Flame retardant test system. A massive tank of petrol is set on fire at 2.53


Kebab Van explosion Slow Mo

Kebab Van SFX Shoot from Boyan Baynov on Vimeo.


CRS-5 Rocket landing attempt