Word of Tanks: Endless War Cinematic

I recently finished working with the fantastic RealtimeUK on the World of Tanks: Endless War Cinematic.

I worked on a few shots, but mainly I worked on the Chi-Ha tank crashing though the bamboo. The bamboo was rigged and animated by hand, while the leaves were particle flow system, driven by a fume grid. The grass was Hair Farm. Here’s a video of that shot with a brighter grade.

An early test of the leaf dynamics:

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Crustacean Creature Turntable v01

Wanted to get back into some more Mudbox action. This was started as a doodle from a sphere primitive.

Its a crab type creature, and its anatomy is mostly based off various references of crabs and lobsters.

The render times on this were pretty huge considering the mesh is 6 million polys. So I ended up rendering this from the viewport which only took 30 mins even with all the shadows and AO.

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Maya Fluids – First Test

My first explosion test with Maya fluids. I used a sphere for the explosion source. With some of its verts pulled about to create a more organic initial shape to the fluids. The next stage would be to add some particle sources to the sim to create some more interesting behavior.

I have no idea why the preview frame has turned pink! I’ll blame youtube on that one

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Vic and Bob’s Lucky Sexy Winners

I got to work with the awesome Vic and Bob last year, and here’s one of the sketches I made for their show ‘Lucky Sexy Winners’.

In this sketch I produced all the fire and smoke effects, and comped the final shots. In other scenes I exploded both Vic and Bobs heads, made Vic fly with a skipping rope, and removed their lower legs for the Tiny Men sketch.

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Large Scale Petrol Based Explosion

A fume test for a large scale explosion.

I’ve gone for a messy out of control explosion, with lots of secondary explosions after the main starter.

This is achieved with a combination of object and particle sources. As the shape for the object source expands, it dumps out a load of fuel and temp, with a fair amount of object velocity. At the same time a particle source is fired, and also sprays out some fuel and temp (but less than the source). The particle source also emits a fair amount of velocity.

Although the particle source is also burning, some unburnt fuel is left behind above the main fireball. This then catches fire and the fireball expands and rises up. Any unburnt fuel is also caught by the secondary explosions.

LVJ Ship Crash Dust / Smoke Trail Dev

Quick test to run through some ideas on creating better fluids behavior from smoke or dust trails. The idea is to create some eddies behind an object as it passes through the air.

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LVJ Ship Crash Tests 1- 5

Proof of concept for a space ship crash shot on LVJ. Various low res tests to see how the shot’s going to work, and what sort of camera angles are going to look good. Sim times rise quickly as I try to produce finer debris, so there may be a limit to how near the camera can be to the crash.

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TP Destruction Test

Here’s a simple TP test using volume breaker, and particle based cells for fragmentation density.

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Krakatoa Test

Krakatoa Test from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

Simple Krakatoa Test, no fume used in this one. All of the particle motion is from 3 wind spacewarps.

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Dirt Blast Sequence

Not quite sure what this test is about, but its a similar setup the the previous Dirt Blast post. Instead the particle systems move as they fire, spreading the explosions as they travel. 2 Particle systems again, one for the larger initial body of the blast, and a 2nd system for all the thin dust tendrils.

FumeFx Dirt Blast Sequence v01 from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

To get to this final look I went through many tests, and changes of setup. Here’s a collection of the results. Some of them look pretty interesting, and are worth going back to for further work I think.

Untitled from Hugh Johnson on Vimeo.

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