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FumeFx Mushroom Fireball

Here’s a new fireball test. Managed to get a much better rolling fire look for this one. Pretty much taken this as far as I can with my machines current ram. This basically maxes it out, so its time for me to upgrade.

Will hopefully be posting a new version with wavelets added to increase the look of the scale and detail level. This test varies from the test below by continuing the emission of the fuel from the fume source, which creates a faster moving column of hot fuel in the centre of the fireball. This upward movement drives the roll of the fireball at its outer edges, and helps create the classic mushroom cloud. This isn’t designed to be a nuke explosion though, but something of the scale of a petrol station explosion or some other similarly scaled unfortunate event!

FumeFx Fireball Test

Fireball FumeFx test. Just wanted to refine my fireball stuff as its a good tester of fumefx theory. In this test I’ve animated the burn rate in relation to the expansion, so as the burn rate decreases to stop the fireball burning out, I’ve increased the expansion to inject some heat and energy into the sim.

LVJ Moth Ship Missile Strike Final Comp

Finally finished this shot! Took a couple of months to complete working between work on Dr Who, and Psychoville Series2.

These are the rendered passes involved in the comp.

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