Just a quick view of a shot I’m working on right now.  This is for a friend’s no budget scifi movie called LVJ. http://www.lvjmovie.com/

Part of an exciting sequence, an alien ship is struck by a missile and crashes into the desert.  The fume setup for this shot proved to be tricky,  mainly down to the enormous sim grid required due to distance the ship travels. This meant the fume setup became a careful balance between the quality of the sim, and maxing out  my machine’s (what now feels small) 8gb of ram. I had a go at using the new wavelet noise on this shot, but the ram requirements were huge! (17GB per frame). So this is about as far as I can take the fume for now.

The new void source added in Fume 2 proved very useful, as it culls the voxels from the grid when they’re no longer visible by the camera, and despite this I still had big ram issues!

To create some variation, I added keyframes to the fuel, expansion, and velocity which stops the smoke looking like a giant sausage – not the look I was going for.  There’s also a wind spacewarp to blow the smoke, and create some secondary movement.

I did find a very handy script while researching this shot: http://limjeff.wordpress.com/2010/02/11/fumefx-partitioning/ , but I didn’t use it in the end.  I’ll give it a go for the missile smoke trail and report back.

Work still to do on this shot… impact explosion, missile, and missile smoke trail, secondary smoke, fix the environment, and then comp it all up.

Strangely vimeo rejected this video, so using you tube for now.